Dementia Dialogue

Reigniting Canada‘s Dementia Strategy, Season 3, Ep #35

September 21, 2021

Mary  Beth Wighton and Lisa Poole, co-chair the Dementia Advocacy Canada (DAC) our the leading advocacy organization of people with lived experience of dementia. In this episode, they talk about DACs efforts to strengthen our National Dementia Strategy especially in a meeting they had on June 8 2021 with then Minister of Health, Paddy Hadju. 

13 DAC members discussed challenges in implementing the strategy and their recommendations for improving it.  To read DAC’s presentation click on

The National Strategy was announced in August 2019. To read it. Click here

A Dementia Strategy for Canada: Together We Aspire: In Brief.          

An updated report was published in 2020 and can be found at

 To learn more about Dementia Advocacy Canada check out their  website    


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