Dementia Dialogue

Live for Today! Season 3, Episode 26

May 4, 2021

     Mary Beth Wighton’s warmth, candor and strength shine through as she talks about her journal, now in book form, Dignity and Dementia: Carpe Diem.


    Written over a 6 year period, Mary Beth’s personal reflections frequently acknowledge the gifts from people in her life that have enabled her to live a full life and become a leading advocate for her peers living with dementia. The entries began as notes to her family and like ripples in a pond, they grew outward to reach a wider audience.


Mary Beth is co-chair of Dementia Advocacy Canada and  member of the Advisory Board for Canada’s Dementia Strategy                                     

     Our interview concludes with Mary Beth encouraging people with dementia to focus on their abilities, set some goals in whatever area(s) they choose and take themselves seriously in pursuing them.

    Dignity and Dementia: Carpe Diem is published by Friesen Press It can be purchased through your local bookstore or online.



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