Dementia Dialogue

Dementia Inclusive Choices for Exercise

September 8, 2021

      In our podcast, a frequent message is the importance of people with dementia remaining active and involved with others. This is often easier said than done because of restricted options that people often experience or perceive. The Dementia Inclusive Choices for Exercise (DICE) project enables communities to be more inclusive so that people with dementia have more opportunities to be active.

 Carole Johannesson lives with dementia and is a leader in a research project conducted by Laura Middleton, PhD at the University of Waterloo. Brian Johannesson has supported Carole’s participation. The project worked with both people with dementia and exercise providers to explore what inclusivity means and what providers need to possess or do,  including understanding what dementia is and developing techniques to facilitate inclusion

  Dementia Inclusive Choices for Exercise (DICE) has developed excellent resources for people with dementia and for exercise providers, including a 4-part training module to help exercise providers, sports coaches or recreational leaders gain the knowledge and skills to engage with people living with dementia and support them in physical activity. These can be accessed at


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