Dementia Dialogue

Choices Season 3 Episode 21

February 22, 2021

    The idea of life choices is woven throughout this episode’s conversation with Myrna Norman. Her life has not been easy, having been widowed in her mid-40’s with a growing family but she has got on with life in a remarkable way. Challenges confronted her when she was first diagnosed with Frontal Temporal Dementia (FTD) but she uncovered options and the choices they presented.

   Our ‘kitchen table” conversation was much like her book Dementia Strategies, Tips and Personal Stories – warm, refreshingly candid and encouraging of others. Myrna talked about her family and what lead up to and followed her writing Sometimes My Nana, a small story book for young children grandparent or other person with dementia. Our episode opens with Myrna reading from one of her recent poems I am not afraid. In the background of her ‘Zoom Room’ was a painting that she is currently working on.

  While writing and art are a big part of Myrna’s life, her main work is advocacy – seeking to improve life for people with dementia and to impart her philosophy of making positive steps to make the best of a dementia diagnosis. Myrna has nothing to prove but she has something to share.

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