Dementia Dialogue

Changing and Adapting: Be Prepared

December 14, 2020

Ron Posno is a retired educator living with mild cognitive impairment. He shares with us some of his experiences and talks about coming to terms with his condition and continuing to live a full life with many great examples and tips.

Ron became aware of some cognitive struggles he was having and became worried. This led him to visit his doctor whereupon describing his concerns, she administered the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) which he passed at that time. A year later, his struggles persisted so he insisted on a referral to a specialist where he received his diagnosis. This was a relief for Ron because his philosophy is to accept, adapt and plan.

He stresses the importance of accepting a dementia diagnosis so that you can learn how to adapt and live happily, productively and purposefully. He directs others living with a diagnosis to find the people and organizations that are out there, eager to support them because support will be needed and to plan ahead while you are still able to.

As he says, “When you see the clouds outside, you know the rain's going to fall so you carry the umbrella, don't you?”

Ron urges people to talk about their dementia and to share their experiences as this will help eliminate the shame and stigma that can come with it. His positive and practical attitude in the face of his illness is very inspirational.

In this episode, Ron talks about "Learning the Ropes" sessions for people living with mild cognitive impairment at the Alzheimer Society. More information on that program can be found here:


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