Dementia Dialogue

Dementia, Stigma and Taking Action –

September 21, 2020

Dementia, Stigma and Action – Human Rights

    In this episode of our series on Human Rights and Dementia we listen to 3 women who are active in the struggle to overcome the stigma experienced by so many people with dementia and that often extends to their families. Alisa Grigorich reads an article that she and her colleague Pia Kontos recently wrote on “COVID-19, stigma-  and the scandalous neglect of people living with dementia”. Phyllis Fehr, a dementia activist joins Pia in conversation about her experience of stigma and is working to combat it. Pia discusses a new project Reimaging Dementia that will mobilize people to pursue goals identified by individuals with dementia to improve their social and cultural well-being.

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